Penguin Collection

Founded by Mark Pelczarski, Penguin Software (later renamed Polarware) had some of the best-recognized software in both graphics programming and games.  With the assistance of Mark, we have compiled the complete Penguin/Polarware catalog of titles.  The software & related publications in this library are listing in alphabetical order of software title.  PDFs are indicated by brown type.  Productivity Software, followed by Games Software, The Book Graphically Speaking, and Promotional Materials are provided below.  

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► Productivity Software ◄

Additional Typesets
     Additional Type Sets Manual

Complete Graphics System (Double-Res)

     The Complete Graphics System Manual
     The Complete Graphics System II Manual
     CGS Tablet Commands 1
     CGS Tablet Commands 2
     Additional Fonts Character Sets CGS
The 3D Drawing System Manual

The 100-Color Drawing System Manual

Cat Graphics (program needed)
Cat Graphics Manual

Disk arRanger
Disk arRanger Manual
Disk Repair Kit

Graphics Magician

Graphics Magician Picture Painter
The Graphics Magician Picture Painter Manual

Home Connection
Home Connection Box
Home Connection Manual

Home Data Manager
Home Data Manager User Manual

Map Pack
Map Pack Box

Paper Graphics
Paper Graphics Box
Paper Graphics User Manual

Shortcuts Manual

Special Effects

Special Effects Manual

Transitions Manual

► Games Software ◄

Arcade Boot Camp

Bouncing Kamungas

Coveted Mirror

Crime Wave

Crimson Crown

Expedition Amazon

Minit Man

OO Topos


Pie Man

Poof v1

Poof v3

Ring Quest

Spys Demise

Stellar 7

Sword of Kadash


The Quest

The Quest (Double-Res)

The Spy Strikes Back

The Spy's Adventures in Europe

The Spy's Adventures in North America

The Spy's Adventures in South America

Transylvania (Single Res)
Transylvania Manual

Transylvania (Double Res)

Transylvania III


► The Book ◄

Graphically Speaking
Graphically Speaking Program Listings

The Apple2OnlineStore has a few copies of the book with the program listings on disk still available here.

► Promotional Materials ◄

The Graphics People Catalog
Penguin Software Product Catalog
Polarware Brochure

We highly recommend you visit Mark's website about the history of Penguin Software/Polarware - a fascinating read to say the least! You can access Mark's site by clicking here.

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