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Please click on the game or manual you wish to download.  Game manuals are PDF files and are indented below their game. 

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C7 Card and Board Games (Integer)
California Games
California Games Manual
California Raisins
Cannonball Blitz
Captain Blood
Captain Goodnight
Captain Cuckoo
Captain Power
Card Shark
Carrier Force
Carrier Force Manual
Carte Primus
Castle Smurfenstien
Castle Wolfenstein
Castle Wolfenstein Escape Maps
Cave of Time
Cavern Cobra
Cavern Creatures
Caverns of Callisto
Caverns of Freitag
Centauri Alliance
Cest la Vie
Centipede Manual
Chalice of Mostania
Champions of Krynn
Chase on Tow Sawyers Island
Checkers 2.1
Chess Master 2000
Chess Master 2100
Choplifter Manual
Chronicles of Osgorth: Shattered Alliance (Contributed by Georg Wartenberg)
Chronicles of Osgorth: Shattered Alliance Manual
Chuck Yeager Advanced Flight Simulator
Cider Spider
Class Struggle
Classic Concentration 2nd Edition
Classic Concentration Instructions
Close Assault
Club Backgammon
Club Casino
Clue Master Detective
Clue Master Detective Manual
Colonial Conquest
Columns GS
Computer Ambush
Computer Ambush Manual
Computer Ambush Map
Computer Conflict (Contributed by Georg Wartenberg)
Computer Conflict Manual
Conflict 2500
Conflict in Vietnam
Conflict in Vietnam Manual
Congo Bongo
Cops & Robbers
Coveted Mirror
Coveted Mirror Hint Sheet
Coveted Mirror (Comprehend Format)
Crack of Doom
Cranston Manor
Crime Stopper
Crimson Crown
Crimson Crown (Comprehend Format)
Crisis Mountain
Crisis Mountain Manual
Critical Mass
Cross City
Crossword Magic
Cryllan Mission 2088
Cryllan Mission 2088 2nd Scenario
Crypt of Medea
Crystal Caverns
Crystal Quest
Crystal Quest Manual
Cubic Tic Tac Toe
Curse Of Crowley Manor
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Cyber Chess


Dallas Quest
Dam Buster
Dark Castle
Dark Castle Manual
Dark Crystal
Dark Lord
David's Midnight Magic
Deal Em Up
Deamon's Forge
Deamons Winter
Death in the Caribbean
Death Lord
Death Lord Manual
Death Lord Command Summary Card
Deathlord Box
Death Race '82
Death Lord
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Volume 1
The Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Manual
Maps & Keys
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Volume 2
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Manual
Maps & Keys
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Volume 3
Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Manual
Maps & Keys
Deep Space Operation Copernicus
Defender of the Crown
Defender of the Crown Manual
Defender of the Crown Guide
Defender of the World IIGS
DejaVu [GS]
Deja Vu Manual
Deja Vu Solution
Deja Vu Quick Ref Card
Deja Vu 2
Deja Vu II Solution
DejaVu II-Manual
Depth Charge
Destroyer Manual
Dig Dug
Dino Eggs
Dino Eggs Manual
Dinosaur Dig
Dirty Harry Adventures
Dneiper River Line
Dog Fight
Donkey Kong
Double Feature
Downhill Challenge [GS]
Dr Dracupig
Dr Ruth's Computer Game Of Good Sex
Dragon Fire
Dragon War [GS]
Dragon World
Dragon World
Dragons of Hong Kong
Dream Zone [GS]
Dream Zone Manual
Dream Zone Hints for Wimps
Dueling Questions [GS]
DuelTris [GS]
DuelTris [GS]

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