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The Apple2OnlineStore sells hardware, software, books, games, & items for more modern peripherals such as the MicroDrive Turbo, Floppy EMU & CFFA3000. In addition, we offer several items we produce ourselves, including USB kits, power diagnostic cards, large volume installation kits for the CFFA3000, CompactFlash extension drives for the MicroDrive, and our newest products, external PSUs for the Apple II+/IIe and IIGS systems. is financially supported entirely by income from The Apple2OnlineStore.  The store is hosted on, which charges no fees whatsoever (unlike eBay, which charges 12.35% of the bottom line paid by the buyer, which includes taxes and shipping). We do not have supporting advertisers like just about every other Apple II-dedicated site does, so we do not have advertisers’ tracking cookies.

You can reach the Apple2OnlineStore here.

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New products in the store:

NEW:  The Apple2Online PSU Voltage Diagnostic Card

$49.99 + S&H

Used in any regular peripheral slot in the II, II+, //e or IIGS, this diagnostic card displays the +5, +12, -12 & -5 voltages.  Our custom 3D-printed housing sandwiches the card to make for a much sturdier structure than our original version.  (The original version is still available in a very limited quantity at a reduced price!)
The new Apple2OnlineStore PSU Voltage Diagnostic Card

NEW: The Apple2OnlineStore Apple IIGS PSU Fan

$25.00 + S&H

Our Apple IIGS PSU fan attaches to the outside of the PSU and circulates air in the case, aiding in temperature control.  The thin profile brushless fan is super quiet and is powered directly off the IIGS motherboard.
The Apple2OnlineStore Apple IIGS PSU Fan

NEW!  The Apple2OnlineStore External ComppactFlash Card Reader Extension for the MicroDrive/Turbo

$69.99 + S&H

We have taken our no-frills CF extension for the MicroDrive/Turbo to new heights!  This latest version features a 3D-printed mini Apple 3.5 Drive case shrouding the CF card reader unit.
The Apple2OnlineStore CompactFlash card reader in a mini Apple 3.5 Drive case.