The age of (11 years old in 2021) dictated that we reconstruct the site from scratch.  We were given absolutely no advance notice – JustHost simply upgraded their servers & the PHP version we were operating under is no longer available, thank you very much!  Thus the relocation to IONOS.

It is going to take quite a while to reconstruct the entire system in a new website builder (WordPress), so please bear with us while we rebuild the system. Our aim is to get the programs & games up first, as those seem to be the most desired, and then follow up with the rest of the content.

While the site is being reconstructed, you can access the “old” site here:

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Our aim is simple: to provide a single-source, easy-to-use library of reference materials – software, manuals, FAQs, photos, links, etc. – for the Apple II family of computers in order to both preserve the Apple II’s rich history as well as to provide a readily-accessible resource for those who are interested in learning about the Apple II for the first time.  We are strictly Apple II – no Macintosh, no Commodore – just Apple II!

The resources on this site have been gathered from a variety of online sources and, most importantly, from contributions from Apple II owners & lovers!  We have added more than 1,000 original, high quality PDFs and continue to acquire materials for scanning. is the original online source for A+ MagazineinCider Magazine, & The Apple IIGS Buyer’s Guide series of monthly periodicals.  We have a full library of Beagle Bros, Applied Engineering, Pinpoint Publishing, MECC titles and much more, – and unlike other sites, you can freely download without tracking cookies and other invasions of privacy!  We continue to prepare PDFs of manuals & software with the goal of eventually replacing all of the low-quality scans with our own high quality PDFs.  We actively seek content contributions to expand our offerings & provide a more comprehensive reference environment.

If you have any software, manuals, other reference materials, photographs, etc., that you would like to share, please do so!

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Beginning in December 2010, we are the official online host for
The Apple IIGS Buyer’s Guide,
a must-read magazine loaded with software & hardware reviews!

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