Apple Hardware

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General Apple II Hardware References                         

Apple Interfacing

Apple Custom Chips  (►►Links to     

 Apple II Circuit Description  (175 MB)            

 Apple II Variability - ADB Mice                             

 Apple II Family Pinouts                      

Apple II Wikipedia

 Apple Packing Lists                 

Apple Peripheral Interface Guide             

♥ Apple Programmer's Aid 1 Manual               

♥ How to Repair & Maintain Your Apple Computer          

Disk Drives & Controllers             

Apple 3.5 Disk Controller Card Owners Guide

Apple 3.5 Drive Owners Guide

Apple 5.25 Drive Owner's Guide             

Apple 80SC Hard Drive Specs

♥ Apple Disk II Installation Instructions     

Apple Disk II Installation Manual                            

Apple Disk II Technical Procedures

Apple DuoDisk Owner's Manual                               
Apple DuoDisk Cable Specifications

Apple DuoDisk Info IIGS                

Apple Floppy Disk Drives

Apple Hard Drives Made Easy Article

Apple II & CD-ROM Drives

Apple II UniDisk Owner's Manual                 

The Apple 3.5 DrivePlus         

Input Devices            

Apple Graphics Tablet Operations & Reference Manual

Apple IIc Keyboards & Keycaps Differences

Apple IIe Keypad Cabling

Apple II User Interfaces 1

Apple Joystick IIe and IIc User's Instructions

 AppleMouse II User's Manual              
AppleMouse II User's Manual Addendum                    



Apple Parallel Printer Interface Card Manual   (older version)              

♥ Apple Parallel Interface Card Manual (newer version)                                   

Apple II High Speed SCSI Card Owners Guide

Apple II Super Serial Card Errata             

 Apple II Super Serial Card User's Manual                                                           

 Apple II Super Serial Card Installation & Operating Manual Complete        
          ♥ Apple II Super Serial Card Manual Part 1 Only - Installation & Use           
               (Download if you do not need all the firmware listings & other very technical information)                    

          ♥ Apple II Super Serial Card Manual Part 2 Only - Appendices                     
               (Download only if you need the firmware listings & other very technical information)        

 Apple II Super Serial Card Installation & Operating Manual Reference Card

Monitors & Video Cards                 

Apple II Monitor Stand

Apple II Video Overlay Card - Overview

AppleColor 100 Monitor Use With IIGS             

 AppleColor Composite Monitor Owner's Guide

AppleColor RGB Monitor Owner's Guide (Rev B)       

AppleColor RGB Monitor Owner's Guide (Rev C)         

Apple Monitor II User's Manual                 

Apple Monochrome Monitor User's Manual

 Apple IIe 80-Column Text Card Manual                       

Apple Monitor IIc User's Manual              

Errata to Apple IIe 80-Column Text Card Manual                     

 Sams Apple II Monitor A2M2010                    

 Sams Apple Monitor /// A3M0039                           

 Sam's Apple IIc Monitor                


Apple LocalTalk PC Card Owner's Guide

Apple II Workstation Card User's Guide


 Apple ImageWriter Printer Unpacking Instructions              

Apple ImageWriter II Owner's Manual

Apple ImageWriter II Quick Reference Card

 Apple ImageWriter Reference Card                     

Apple ImageWriter II Special Installation Instructions

Apple Silentype Operation and Reference Manual

SAMS Apple Printer A9M0303 

Repair & Maintenance              

AppleService Tenhical Procedures Series:

  Apple Disk II    

  Apple DuoDisk             

  Apple II Plus                 

♥  Apple IIc Flat Panel Monitor               

  Apple Profile                  

  AppleColor Monitor 100                  

Apple II Service Level I Technical Procedures

Apple II TroubleShooting

Apple II & Apple II Plus Level II Service Manual 1981

Apple III Profile Repair Document Set

Chilton's How To Repair & Maintain Your Apple II Computer

How to Repair the Apple Computer