Applied Engineering

  Applied Engineering

Click on the PDF file (listed in BLACK) you would like to view/download. indicates an original A2OL high-definition PDF. Other hardware documents may be found in the Apple Hardware Library.   To view an online product catalog, click here.  Software files are listed in BROWN.

     UnDated AE Product Catalog                                         

  UnDated AE Apple Peripherals Catalog                                     

AppleWorks Desktop Expanders:    

AE Super Desktop Expander 5.3.1 DOS 3.3 RamDrive                    
AE Super Desktop Expander 5.3.1 ProDOS ProDrive                 
AE Super Desktop Expander 5.11 DOS 3.3 RamDrive                          
AE Super Desktop Expander 5.11 ProDOS ProDrive                            
AE Super AppleWorks ProDOS ProDrive v5.1.1                            
     AE Appleworks 3 Expander User's Manual

Audio Animator:

AE Audio Animator (Software)            
   AE Audio Animator Users Manual 1.1  (45 MB)                
AE Audio Animator Brochure


     AE ClockWorks 3.2

DataLink Modems:

AE Datalinker (Software)                 
A2 EasyLink (Software)                  
     AE Datalink 1200 Brochure                          
AE Datalink 2400 Brochure                 
AE Datalink Express Ad


     AE DClock User's Manual 1.1

Disk Drives:

     AE 3.5" Disk Drive Brochure                    
AE 5.25" Disk Drive Brochure           
     AE Disk Drive Controller Card Manual                                    

GS Power Supply:

     AE GS Power Installation Instructions


     AE GS-RAM User's Manual 2.01               
AE GS-RAM User's Manual 3.01                      
AE GS-RAM Advertising Brochures

     AE GS-RAM III User's Manual 1.0                             
AE GS-RAM III User's Manual 1.1                         

IIc Clock:

     AE IIc System Clock Users Manual 1.1                 
AE IIc System Clock Brochure                          

AE 12-Bit Card:

     AE 12-Bit Brochure

AE 16-K Pocket Rocket:

     AE 16K Pocket Rocket Brochure

AE 16-K RAM Card:

     AE 16K RAM Card Brochure                          

AE 65816:

     AE 65816 16-bit Card Software Developers Guide


     AE Conserver Brochure                          


AE Z-80 Plus - CPAM 4.0B System Disk (Software)                          
AE Z-80 Plus - CPAM 5.1 System (Software) 
     AE CPAM 5.1 Manual 1.21                         

Extended 80-Column Card:

     AE Extended 80 Column Brochure                  

Lower Case ROM Chip:

     AE Lowercase ROM Chip Brochure                        

Parallel Pro:

     AE Parallel Pro Brochure

PC Transporter:

AE PC Transporter (Software)              
     AE PC Transporter Connectors & Conponents                       
AE PC Transporter Users Manual 1.31


AE Phasor     (Software)                
     AE Phasor Brochure                       
AE Phasor Manual 1.1                      
AE Phasor Mini Manual                      

RGB Digital Prism:

     AE RGB Digital Prism User Manual 1.1                     


     AE RAM Charger Users Guide

RAM Express:

     AE RAM Express Brochure


AE RAMfactor  (Software)              
AE RAMFactor DOS 3.3 Utilities  (Software)  (Contributed by Howard J. Poe)                    
     AE RAMFactor Advertising Brochures                                               
AE RAM Factor Users Manual 1.5                                     


     AE RAM Keeper Brochure                            
AE RAM Keeper IIGS ROM 03 Modification                    
AE RAM Keeper Manual 2.0                       


  ♥ RAMWorks User Manual 1.0                       
  ♥ RAMWorks User Manual 1.2                      
     AE RAMWorks Brochures                        
AE RAMWorks 2 MB Plus Users Manual               

AE RAMWorks II User's Manual                        
     AE RAMWorks II Brochure                            

AE RAMWorks III Basic Manual                          
AE RAMWorks III Brochures

Serial Pro:

     AE Serial Pro Brochure

Sonic Blaster:

AE Sonic Blaster  (Software)                      
     AE Sonic Blaster Brochure                              
AE Sonic Blaster Users Manual 1.2                                  


AE TimeMaster II H.O.  (Software - Old Copy)
AE TimeMaster II H.O. Utilities       (Software - DOS, ProDOS & Pascal Utilities)                                              
    AE TimeMaster II H.O. Users Manual 1.2                               
AE TimeMaster II H.O. Programmers Supplement                                
      AE TimeMaster II H.O. Brochures                       


     AE TransWarp Brochure                        
AE TransWarp Users Manual 1.0                         
AE TransWarp Users Manual 1.1                       

AE TransWarpGS Brochure                      
AE TransWarpGS Users Manual                       
AE TransWarpGS - Accelerate Your TransWarpGS Card 
AE TransWarp II Ad                      
AE TransWarp II Users Manual 1.0                         
AE TransWarp II Users Manual 1.1                      

     AE TransWarp Review                         
AE TransWarp ROM Upgrade                                   


     AE ViewMaster 80 Brochure                            
AE ViewMaster 80 Users Manual 4.4               
  ♥ AE ViewMaster 80 Addendum                        

Vulcan Hard Drives:

AE VulcanPro  (Software)                                        
AE Vulcan 3.3  (Software)                       
     AE Vulcan Users Manual 1.2                 
AE Vulcan IIGS Users Manual 1.3                          


AE Z-80 Plus - CPAM 4.0B System Disk  (Software)              
AE Z-80 Plus - CPAM 5.1 System  (Software)                  
     AE Z-80 Plus CPAM 5.1 Users Manual 1.21                    
AE Z-80 Plus Brochure                     
AE Z-80 Plus Users Manual 4.01                            

     AE Z-80c Brochure                  


     AE Z-RAM Brochure                                              
AE Z-RAM II Users Manual                       
AE Z-RAM Ultra Series Brochures                          
AE Z-RAM Ultra Users Manual 1.1