Programming Languages

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6502 Assembler

6502 Assembly Language Subroutines

Using 6502 Assembly Language

MAB - Munch-A-Bug Machine Language Debugger

Apple LOGO

Apple Logo II Reference Manual

 Apple LOGO II Keyboard Overlay for the Apple IIe                 


Fig FORTH               

HyperCard IIGS

Apple Hypercard IIGS Getting Started

Apple Hypercard IIGS Reference


NBASIC (link to external site)


Apple Pascal - A Hands-On Approach

Apple Pascal Operating System Reference Manual  (includes the UCSD Pascal Quick Reference Card below)                                 

 Pascal Primer                          

TML Pascal II - Reference Manual                                 

 UCSD Pascal Quick Reference Card                    

Other Programming Aids & Tools

Advanced Programming Techniques for the IIGS Toolbox

BASIC Primer  (Disk-based Learning Aid for BASIC Language)

Pocket Guide Programming for the Apple

Programming Guide to the Apple II              

Synergistic Software Programming Utilities

 Sorting Shuffling and File Structures  (Creative Computing)