Floppy EMU!!!

After receiving my Floppy EMU card and giving it a go, I have posted my comments in the Forums Hardware section under SSD Alternatives.

The Floppy EMU card by
Steve Chamberlin works with Apple IIe, IIc, IIc PLUS and IIGS alike, and will run software directly from archive images, just like the CFFA3K card.  Equally important, it is available now!

Highly recommended!  More...
The Floppy EMU card works well with an Apple IIe, IIc/IIc PLUS and IIGS alike.  It allows you to run software from their .DSK/.PO archive files directly.  The optional clear acrylic case and 3' extension cable allows you to protect your EMU card as well as have it alongside of, or atop, your Apple II.  The LCD and four buttons make selecting disk images easy and fast.

The Floppy EMU uses SD memory cards and will support up to 4 volumes under ProDOS, and HFS volumes up to 2 GB under GSOS (ProDOS 6.0.1).

And the price is unbeatable!  For $127 (plus S&H) you can get the Floppy EMU card, Universal Adapter 3' extension cable and clear acrylic case.

See my further review comments in the Forums | Hardware section under the topic SDD Alternatives.