Update on upcoming activities on A2OL... <click>

A few folks have asked me about what's happening here in terms of new issues of A+ and inCider magazines as well as any other items.

The past few weeks, I've managed to get about 2 years worth of inCiders scanned and am now finishing up the PDF creations for those issues.  I've been concentrating on getting the PDFs ready and will be releasing them en masse around the first of the new year.  I also have several other documents and software disks to release and those also will be released around the new year.

I've also been working with a friend of mine to get a new library featuring the full collection of software from a particular vendor and that is progressing well.  I don't have an ETA for that library, but I am shooting for completion & release sometime in January 2014.  I won't mention the software vendor's name right now, but I know you'll all love it!

Happy holidays!