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Welcome to Apple2Online.com!  Our aim is simple: to provide a single-source, easy-to-use library of reference materials - software, manuals, FAQs, photos, links, etc. - for the Apple II family of computers in order to both preserve the Apple II's rich history as well as to provide a readily-accessible resource for those who are interested in learning about the Apple II for the first time.  We are strictly Apple II - no Macintosh, no Commodore - just Apple II!

The resources on this site have been gathered from a variety of online sources
and, most importantly, from contributions from Apple II owners & lovers!
We have added more than 600 original, high quality PDFs and continue to acquire materials for scanning.  We will continue to flesh out the remainder of the A+ Magazine, inCider Magazine, & The Apple IIGS Buyer's Guide series of monthly periodicals, fill in the remaining Beagle Bros, Applied Engineering, Pinpoint Publishing, MECC titles, as well as continue to prepare PDFs of manuals & software with the goal of eventually replacing all of the low-quality scans with our own high quality PDFs.  We actively seek content contributions to expand our offerings & provide a more comprehensive reference environment.

If you have any software, manuals, other reference materials, photographs, etc.,
that you would like to share, please do so!

And, unlike other sites, we remain advertiser-free so that you are not bombarded with ads and tracking cookies!

And remember, A2OL is entirely $FR.EE & open to all!



Beginning in December 2010, we are the exclusive online host for
The Apple IIGS Buyer's Guide,
a must-read magazine loaded with product reviews - both software & hardware!



A2OL is now hosting inCider & A+ Magazines!

We're in the process of getting all of the issues we have on hand scanned & available as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, we have a number of issues already scanned.  If you have any of the issues we are missing, and are willing to either create a high quality (300 dpi) scan to submit or send the actual magazine(s) to me to scan, contact me and we'll go from there!




Unlike many other web sites dedicated to various aspects of the Apple II, A2OL does not have any advertisements bombarding you on every page, and therefore we do NOT have tracking cookies like those advertiser-supported sites!  Unlike "advertiser supported" sites (which means the owner of the site is making money simply by having you view one of their web pages), A2OL is not a money-making venture at all.  No revenue is generated from this site whatsoever.  (The entire cost of operating this site is borne by the site owner and through sales in the Apple2OnlineStore hosted by eBluejay.com.)  Our sole purpose is to provide an eay-to-use single "library" for finding as much information, software & documentation as is possible regarding the Apple II family of computers.  We actively encourage you to donate electronic copies of whatever Apple II-related materials you can.

Contributors To Date: Nick Adams, Cyril Bodnar, Ryan Boyd, Arnaud Brossard, Eric Bush, Randy Carlstrom, Bernard F. Chaudoir, Clay Cummings, Ed Floden, Michaud Francois, Keith Golan, Digisoft Innovations, Mark Guerrero, Chris Hoaglin, Virgil Kerr, Mike Maginnis, Michael Mahon, Jim Maricondo, Alain Marmion, Rich Martin, François Michaud, Ted Minchev, Jim Mitchelson, Jeremy Moskowitz, Mike A. Naylor, Brian Noller, Paul Ogren, Shaun Olson, Bryan Palmer, Howard J. Poe, Javier Puerta, Clint Rice, Neil Shapiro, Wayne Stewart, Vets for Success, Antoine Vignau, Georg Wartenberg, Karl-Heinz Weiss, George Wilde, Steve Wilder, Huw Williams, Colin Williamson, Karlton Wirsing, Olivier Zardini





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